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Your new braces are durable enough to handle the daily hazards of bacterial exposure and various foods. They are not, however, invincible. A piece of orthodontic hardware may bend or loosen or suffer excessive wear and tear.

If some aspect of your braces is damaged, it may drastically increase the time it takes to fully correct the alignment of your teeth. That’s why you must not delay in calling 208-893-5151 to take care of the damage at Howell Orthodontics in Meridian, Idaho.

If a sharp point is threatening your cheek or gums, you can protect your mouth from harm by placing orthodontic wax over the abutment. This will help diminish your discomfort as well as the chance of any other injury while you wait for your appointment with Dr. Jason Howell. If you don’t have wax with you might be able to get by with a pencil eraser.

If a spacer falls out, call Dr. Jason Howell for further counsel. You’ll never want to fit it back into place. Most of the time the best solution is to schedule an earlier adjustment. If you had braces fit at our office and you have a problem, do not hesitate to call 208-893-5151 to have it treated at Howell Orthodontics.