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If you are getting a pair of braces, or already have a set, keeping them clean is essential for recovery time and functionality. If your braces are not clean, they cannot function correctly, and if they cannot function correctly, your oral health recovery treatment will increase. Listed below are some keys to cleaning braces:

– Never leave your retainer in too long as it can develop bacterial contamination, so be sure to clean it at least once per week.
– If you skip meetings or checkups with your orthodontist, it can delay recovery time.
– Never participate in high-risk activities or sports without first making sure you are properly wearing the necessary amount of safety gear and equipment to keep your teeth safe.
– Should the worst happen and you unintentionally break your braces, do not attempt to fix them on your own.
– Various products such as fruits and nuts can easily get wedged between your teeth and braces, so try to avoid sticky and chewy substances while getting orthodontic treatments such as braces.
– Wearing braces should not prevent you from caring for your smile, so continue to brush and floss daily.

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