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Did you know that orthodontics might be the magical method that can cure or prevent your TMD? How is that? Here’s the scoop:

TMD (short for temporomandibular joint disorder) is at times developed because of what is called a malocclusion, which is just a complicated term for an abnormal bite. A bite misalignment can be a strain on both your teeth and jaw, leading to an impaired jaw that is often in pain when you open and close it.

Happily, orthodontics was specifically created to bring crooked teeth and malocclusions back into perfect alignment. If your teeth are crammed, gapped or strangely aligned in any way, Dr. Jason Howell and our amazing staff can offer you an orthodontic treatment such as braces that can safely and slowly pull your bite into a regular formation. We fix overbites, underbites, open bites, crossbites and other malocclusions.

Orthodontics is not only an important method for treating TMJ. It can also give you the spectacular, healthy smile you’ve dreamed of. Studies report that people with healthy bites and straight pearly-whites have less of a chance of dental issues in general. And it certainly doesn’t hurt your social life when you flash a stunning set of straight teeth.

Do you want to know more about how orthodontics can aid your quest for a pain-free, beautiful smile? Just call Howell Orthodontics in Meridian, Idaho, at 208-893-5151. Our orthodontist and team will get you back to grinning once more.