What Are the Best Ways to Keep Your Braces Clean?

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Keeping your braces clean is paramount if you wish for them to continue doing the job for which they are assigned. A dirty or broken pair of braces will delay your treatment, and can even potentially harm your teeth and gums. If you ever have any broken wires or brackets, never try to fix them yourself, instead speak with an orthodontist as soon as possible to schedule a visit.

You should try to keep your braces clean whenever possible. Due to their size and shape, many forms of braces can produce hidden recesses in which food particles and bacteria can hide. These areas tend to be difficult to brush. For additional help, try using an alternative interdental cleaner such as a water flosser.

If your braces should break for any reason, do not try to fix them yourselves, but rather schedule a visit to your orthodontist. Also, be sure to always keep your retainer clean and free of contamination by cleaning it regularly. Avoid various types of foods that can stick to your teeth and gums easily and be difficult to remove, including gummy sweets and chewy treats.

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