Howell Orthodontics Sponsors Meridian Warrior Rugby Team

mhsHeave! Howell Orthodontics is excited to be sponsoring the Meridian High School Warrior Rugby Team for Spring 2023! Our community has many tremendous athletes who aren’t just talented at their sport but excel academically as well. We could not be prouder to be involved with this activity and to support such stellar students!

What’s Rugby?

Not your typical high school sport, Rugby is gaining popularity in high schools across the United States. What once was a sport in England, Scotland, and Wales with few participants or spectators has grown to include nearly every country in the world (celebrated with the Rugby World Cup every 4 years).

How Do You Play?

Many people may not be familiar with the rules of rugby – so as we encourage you to go out and support your Meridian Warrior Rugby Team this spring, we also want you to know what you’re getting into! Here are a few fast facts about Rugby:

  • Played with teams of 15
  • H-shaped goals
  • Fans shout ‘heave!‘ randomly
  • Played on a field 70 meters wide and 122 meters long
  • The rugby ball looks like a football
  • Unlike soccer, you can use your hands and feet in rugby (as long as you pass it backward only)
  • Rugby games run for 80 minutes (two 40-minute halves with a 10-minute break in between)
  • Teams can score by crossing the opponent’s goal line (similar to an American touchdown) or by getting a ‘conversion’ or successful kick through the goalposts.

While these are just some basics of the game, you can learn more about becoming a dedicated fan here.

Support the Warrior Rugby Team in Meridian

Our team at Howell Orthodontics plans to attend many of the Meridian High School Warrior rugby games this spring, but we hope to see many of our patients at the games as well! These athletes deserve lots of support and encouragement – so let’s all get out there and . . . heave!

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