Check out our office reviews. We think that Howell Orthodontics is a fun, welcoming office with an awesome team, and our patients agree! Read some of the testimonials below to see how families have enjoyed receiving orthodontic care in Meridian Idaho, from Dr. Jason Howell and our personable, caring team. We are always willing to help, so call our orthodontist today if you want to learn more about how our services can give you a smile worth celebrating. Don’t forget to check out our Facebook!

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Josh Lewis
23:01 22 May 24
Great staff experience!
Cristi Bird
16:53 21 May 24
I’ve had three children go to Howell. As unique and different as they are, they all loved their experience there! Best ortho out there!
Samantha Zahradnicek
19:42 08 May 24
Howell orthodontics is fantastic, my son’s first visit we had everything squared away and a plan in short order. Super friendly and willing to answer any questions and the flexibility was amazing. Highly recommend.
Josh Norbryhn
00:58 01 May 24
Such an amazing staff! We have had such a great experience there. I would highly recommend choosing Howell Orthodonics!
17:11 18 Apr 24
They were very gentle and nice and reassuring and made me feel very comfortable. All the workers were very kind and gave me lots of stuff after the appointment. They also were very clear about everything and made sure I understood the treatment I was going to have.
Joshua Gehrke
22:13 17 Apr 24
I am currently doing Invisalign at Howell Orthodontics - I have to say I was skeptical about what this was going cost and the length of treatment - however the team at Howell was nothing short of AMAZING! They were able to work with my insurance as well as a payment structure and I have to say this was much more affordable than I initially planned! Their communication is outstanding, and their bedside manner is great as well. Thanx y'all I look forward to a straighter smile 🙂
Katie Llewellyn
17:25 08 Apr 24
Howell orthodontics is amazing! The staff is so kind & knowledgeable. My kids love the kid area in the office. Wendy did a really good job explaining exactly what hardware my daughter would need & broke down the cost. She helped me with all my questions & concerns as well & got an appointment for my daughter to get her braces very quickly. The day my daughter got her braces the staff really helped her not be afraid. The staff guided her through exactly what was going to happen step by step & made sure that she had everything she needed for her after care. I would highly recommend Howell Orthodontics.
Meghan Simmons
20:35 07 Apr 24
They have been amazing to work with! We have had a few after hour calls and fix’s. they were so great to get her in quickly.
Seth Robinson
22:50 26 Mar 24
Kaci Tingey
18:17 20 Mar 24
Everybody was nice, friendly and informative. Great environment. We recommend highly recommend
Mick3y 208
20:56 13 Mar 24
The staff is great and Dr Howell is amazing!-Miguel and Sophia
Amy Corona-Woydziak
19:53 12 Mar 24
I have had a great experience with Dr. Howell. One kid has had braces and has such a beautiful smile. He is so happy with his appearance now it is amazing the difference. I currently have another one of my kids in braces and the difference in his attitude is so heart warming. He is so much happier now. I am also currently in the process of another kid starting his journey. Then onto the next. I will bring all my kids back to Howell Orthopedic. I have also referred my best friends daughter and she is currently in braces and is super happy. It is such a happy place.Update!!Whoop whoop 🙌🏼 since this review, We just put braces on our 4th son! I love this group! Always so fun walking into the office with such great welcoming smiles! Then leaving so satisfied with their work! Only 2 more boys to put braces on! Heck yeah! Let’s Go!!
Theressa Bingham
15:14 12 Mar 24
Always a great experience with Howell Orthodontics. Last Carmel popcorn before braces for 2. 😁
Shallece Jacobs
20:40 28 Feb 24
Slay, teeth perfecto!
Ellyana Hoff
00:10 28 Feb 24
My experience here was amazing! My sister will be going there as well! Thanks Howell ❤️ 😊
CJ Lance
00:19 21 Feb 24
After researching and meeting 5 different Orthodontics we selected to go with Howell Orthodontics. From the moment I stepped into Howell Orthodontics, I knew I had made the right choice for my son's orthodontic care. The clinic itself boasts a welcoming and meticulously clean environment, setting a reassuring tone for every visit. Wendy did a fabulous job explaining the process, payment options, and the plan and she answered every question I had. Wendy provided clear explanations of procedures and is transparent about costs and payment options The team at Howell Orthodontics is exemplary. Each member, from the receptionists to the dental assistants, displays a level of professionalism and warmth that makes every visit enjoyable. Their dedication to patient care is evident in their meticulous attention to detail and the patience with which they address any concerns or questions. Madelyn was extraordinary with my very fidgety, anxious son. What sets Howell Orthodontics apart is its exceptional customer service. Appointments are easy to schedule, with flexible hours that accommodate busy schedules and after-school hours available. The staff goes above and beyond to ensure comfort and satisfaction, offering support and guidance throughout the entire treatment process. In conclusion, my experience at Howell Orthodontics has been outstanding. The combination of advanced orthodontic services, a highly skilled and caring team, and unparalleled customer service makes Howell Orthodontics the go-to place for anyone seeking to improve their smile. I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone considering orthodontic treatment. Thank you, Howell Orthodontics, for exceeding my expectations and providing a level of care that truly stands out.
sulemita andriychuk
19:40 15 Feb 24
The best orthodontist ever amazing staff that work their and the doctor is super nice I’m every happy with my choice we’re I got my braces 😊
Rebecca Kite
05:01 15 Feb 24
They have always been super helpful and excited to see us. They make sure that everything is feeling ok before letting you go and do what they can to make braces a good experience.
Jaclyn Cook
00:47 15 Feb 24
Dr. Howell is awesome! Very fun and interactive office. All of the staff and kind and friendly!
Sage Solosabal
21:38 08 Feb 24
The staff is verry friendly, and they make it a good experience.
amy peper
17:47 02 Feb 24
Howell Ortho is the best!! My daughter got braces and the staff made sure she was comfortable during to process!! Thanks to the staff at Howell Orthodontics my daughter now has nice, new, and beautiful braces. Thanks!!
Che Tibbets
17:58 24 Jan 24
All 4 of our kids have gone to Howell. They’ve been awesome and have had to be patient with all the things that comes with 4 kids and braces. We’ve appreciated the whole staff’s care and kindness all along the way. Highly recommend Dr. Howell and everyone with his office. You’ll be in great hands.
Michelle Britain
13:53 24 Jan 24
We are very happy with Dr. Howell and the staff! They took the time to explain every step and process to my daughter. They even went as far and working the schedule to accommodate the fact that we live out of town. They installed braces immediately, even though the appt was only for the the consultation. The office doesn't feel like your typical dental/ortho office, it's very open and fun.
Bethany Handel
22:46 23 Jan 24
So thankful for the care of the entire office. Dr. Howell is easy to communicate with and my kids feel very comfortable going here!
20:24 17 Jan 24
Howell is awesome!!! Every staff member is outstanding and they do very good work. I had a set of retainers that got accidentally ordered, they sent them over free of charge since it was a misunderstanding. Can’t recommend Howell enough!!!!
Mita Anderiychuk
21:36 12 Dec 23
The best staff and doctor ever highly recommend coming her if you want braces.
Faith Walker
03:52 22 Nov 23
Camille Soto
22:21 21 Nov 23
They worked so well with our foster kiddo and now are helping our own daughter out. They are wonderful ❤️
Brack Judy
02:20 15 Nov 23
Great customer service, friendly staff, and good all around value.
C Steel
20:37 10 Nov 23
Howell is a great orthodontist, and don’t everyone that works there is super nice and understanding!
LeAnn Ferdig
20:06 31 Oct 23
Krista Carroll
16:54 24 Oct 23
My son has had a very positive experience at Howell Orthodontics. The staff are so friendly and each of the dental hygienists are very personable. Dr. Howell is great with all his patients as well.
Lee Ann Conrad
16:45 14 Oct 23
Linda Berthold, my mother wanted braces all her life. When she asked if she was too old…no! Enter Dr Howell and his team. 😀She has finished with Invisalign and could not be happier. She was even happy to drive 1/2 hour to his office to get treated as had heard he was the best orthodontist around!
Suzanne Harding
01:46 11 Oct 23
What a great experience!! Our daughter had braces put on today and the entire staff was extremely nice and professional .. We highly recommend Dr Howell office!!!The Harding Family
Lauren Bain
01:32 11 Oct 23
Dr Howell, Wendy and the rest of the staff were extremely helpful during my son’s consultation. It was a quick and easy process. You can tell the team truly cares about their patients.
• Jamie •
18:21 30 Sep 23
i love them, i got braces for a year only.
Mandy S
22:13 20 Sep 23
Dr. Howell and his staff are so friendly and knowledgeable. We had a consult with our 3rd child and they explained everything to us and our child. They make sure you know what is happening and make sure you are comfortable with it. Our other 2 kids had an amazing experience and beautiful smiles.
16:45 30 Aug 23
Howell is truly the best orthodontist around! The ladies here are extremely kind and welcoming. I have been a patient here since high school and cannot imagine going anywhere else! 10/10 recommend. Howellchanged my life and created a confidence in me I didn’t have before!
Beth Ogden
18:16 15 Aug 23
Great to work . Very kind to patients and parents. Great to accommodate and work with your schedule.
Jennifer Brock
20:17 14 Aug 23
Extremely friendly staff, very accommodating. My daughter wasn’t thrilled with getting braces. The staff was very good about answering her questions/concerns. They do their best with making it as enjoyable as possible with offering the reward/point program. Definitely helped ease her mind and makes going to the orthodontist fun.
20:49 25 Jul 23
Six of my children have been patients of Dr. Howell and we are big fans. He and his staff are all about patient experience and making braces/orthodontic treatment as enjoyable as possible. Besides the expert orthodontic treatment, Dr. Howell has a great rapport with the kids. Everyone on his staff is kind, friendly, helpful, and expert at what they do. Howell Orthodontics takes care of families and incorporates fun contests/prizes to incentivize kids’ involvement and ownership in their treatment. Dr. Howell has been compassionate and understanding when working with my kids who’ve had a harder time tolerating braces. Highly recommend!
Jaiden Schwenson
04:34 08 Jun 23
THE best place ever!Best workersBest teethMost loving
Stephaine Mulherin
22:20 06 Jun 23
After interviewing a bunch of different option we landed on Howells and thankful that we did. From the very beginning they were amazing.
Caitlin Styba
16:50 05 Jun 23
I just came in today and I loooovvve it so much. The staff were so kind and answered all of my questions so well❤❤❤ everyone is so sweet and understanding. Almost everyone in my family has gine here, and my sister has not had a very good experience at other places, a very refreshing place to go with a quiet atmosphere. For someone without any experience in medical terms, they made understanding easy, and the staff seem to love working herre,❤❤❤
Shelby King
20:28 09 May 23
All of the staff are wonderful! We always enjoy our appointments. The environment is fun and they always get us in on time and put the door quick.
Kiley Biddinger
15:40 09 May 23
Love everything about them.The kids love it as well.Very nice, polite and just great all around
Lilly Rayl
21:30 27 Apr 23
I felt very comfortable and had a great lady named jaden
Andrew Sauer
15:11 27 Apr 23
Such a smooth experience. Every employee truly cares.
Gail Davis
00:33 20 Apr 23
Wonderful staff! My boy’s teeth are so straight!
Candis Burnham
15:01 13 Apr 23
Howell Orthodontics was amazing to work with. My daughter was pretty nervous throughout the entire process from start to finish. But all the staff were very patient with her and helped her along the way. She isn't finished. But will not be afraid to return for a second round of braces in the future. We are glad we were able to work with this office and all the wonderful staff over the last year and a half!
Saiki Parts House
19:25 05 Apr 23
Dr. Howell and his team were nothing but amazing throughout my entire treatment. They were honest in their initial consultation on what would be my best course of treatment and remained consistent. Every assistance that I worked with was gentle, personable and accommodating. Karly even offered to stay during her lunch to remove my braces! Maddie was the main assistant i saw and she made every appointment so enjoyable. would recommend their office to anyone who is looking!
Jerick Groesbeck
22:39 03 Apr 23
So today I was told that these 4 years would be worth it and I was thinking i don't want this to end I have spent so long here and the staff seem like family to me and I don't want to leave all pf this behind so hopefully I don't get done too fast.
Abbi Paige
19:55 29 Mar 23
I always love how nice and friendly the staff is. Every time I come in for my appointment they are always welcoming everyone. Also the workers are so nice too. I love coming to Dr. Howell’s office!!!!
02:15 24 Mar 23
Very friendly. Always positive. Easy to get scheduled. Stays on time.
Rachel Flaming
18:29 21 Mar 23
We have had such a positive experience at Howell Orthodontics. First the staff and Dr. have been amazing. Always welcoming and so kind. Second the improvement I have seen in my daughters teeth is mind blowing. It has just been an all around good experience. We will definitely be recommending them to anyone!
jamie garcia
21:02 14 Mar 23
Christine W
23:59 10 Mar 23
Dr Howell and his Staff are Amazing!
23:59 08 Mar 23
Jason and his group are amazing! They make sure parents and patients know what’s going on and the full treatment plan. Love the family environment of the office!
Anthony sportiello
21:08 07 Mar 23
My family and I have been going here for years and have never a bad experience, always greats staff! Would recommend to anyone looking to improve their smile.
Minga Coronado
02:29 01 Mar 23
Our experience was amazing. All staff members showed compassion and love in helping families. Smiles, welcoming, and blessings made us feel at home.
Andrea Macki
03:17 23 Feb 23
The staff is very friendly and very helpful. They answered all are questions.
Gavin Jones
22:55 15 Feb 23
Always nice and excited to see everyone!
Judilyn Orchard
03:23 11 Feb 23
Great, love my smile
Jasmine Terry
00:09 11 Feb 23
Dr. Howell and his team are THE BEST! From the time you walk in the doors all the girls are smiling and so sweet, and Dr. Howell is so nice and knowledgeable. They make my son feel super comfortable. Can’t wait for my kiddos to go through ortho here!
Alyssa Lagunas
18:47 10 Feb 23
Jennie Jenkins
00:15 01 Feb 23
I cannot believe the amazing care we have received at Dr Howells office. Wow- from the front office team all the way to the back office. Incredible ortho office for the kiddos! So glad we found this office! 🤍🤍 Thanks Dr Howell!
Kathryn Jensen
18:49 14 Jan 23
We had a wonderful experience! They were very thoughtful and attentive towards our son. Would highly recommend!
Johnathan Hoff
21:42 19 Dec 22
Great experience! My daughter loves how kind the workers are! Keep it up Howell ortho!!!
Krista Nielson
17:19 19 Dec 22
We love Howell! Friendly and helpful staff, plus great results.
Ashten Gempler
16:52 16 Dec 22
They are nice they always smile and they help your smile
Deena Starkel
16:06 08 Dec 22
Great job! Love this place!
Shanalie Olson
00:34 08 Dec 22
Howell Orthodontics is the best! Clean, friendly and fun. They are great with anxious kids and easing that uncertainty.
karen wooddell
22:46 30 Nov 22
Cody got his braces on today and we were very pleased! LeeAnn talked Cody through every step so he knew what to expect-just the type of kid he is! Reception staff were warm and attentive! Great customer service! Thanks all!
Maggie Richardson
16:57 29 Nov 22
We love Howell Orthodontics. They are are always kind and helpful at our appointments. Dr. Howell and his staff take time to explain and make sure we understand what needs to be done and why and allow us to ask any questions we may have.
shannon beck
16:05 29 Nov 22
We love Howell! The staff has always been friendly and helpful. Dr. Howell always takes time to answer our questions and is very personable. So far, 2 of our kids have been patients here and we plan on bringing our last 2 as well.
Kamie Beacham
05:03 29 Nov 22
I love bringing my son to his orthodontist appointments at Howells. Everyone is always smiling and so nice. This is one appointment my son actually likes to go to. I would highly recommend Howell orthodontics if you are looking to have yours or your children's smile improved.
Rachel Vasquez
22:09 07 Nov 22
Highly recommended. Dr. Howell has gone above and beyond to make sure our daughters smile is perfect. Easy to get in to appointments and always a great atmosphere.
Shawn Pedersen
20:41 29 Sep 22
Dr Howell and staff are the absolute greatest! Their office is so fun and family friendly and they have such a way with kids! They put braces on my daughter Lilly and the experience was top notch! I recommend them 100%. 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Gaster Clark
22:45 26 Sep 22
Dr Howell is fantastic. Professional funny creative and it shows how much he loves what he does and appreciates his patients. The office staff is great and accommodating and pleasant to interact with. 😊
Savannah Hardy
20:55 16 Sep 22
This place is awesome!! I love all the people and its such a friendly environment! I had to get braces on 2 separate occasions (due to a tongue thrust) so I am very familiar with the office, and the people that work at Howell orthodontics are some of the nicest people on earth! They even got me out of my braces the DAY BEFORE homecoming #thankful, grateful, & blessed. 11/10 WOULD recommend!
Lauryn Temple
17:51 09 Sep 22
We have been very happy with the progress and my kids love the incentive program.
Kaylin Dickens
03:13 07 Sep 22
Christina Miller
15:22 29 Aug 22
I chose Dr. Howell after researching a few other orthodontists because he is a fun and energetic orthodontist. We also needed some specific accommodations and Dr. Howell was willing and ready to take on the challenge so that we could get my son's needs taken care of within our time frames. I appreciate his optimisim and helpful and friendly staff.
DeAndra Niño
20:45 24 Aug 22
Best experience ever. I have two being seen here and never have we been treated so kindly with so much smiles and great service and attention. Legit best ortho ever !!!!! Highly beyond Highly recommend. !!!
Laurie C
18:32 18 Aug 22
LeeAnn was amazing. I had 2 brackets removed and put right back on and she made the experience so much better and less scary. Staff was awesome and had a great environment
Brad Webb
22:34 01 Aug 22
Kylee Hoyt
15:03 29 Jul 22
Kind and patient staff! This office has been wonderful working with our family 😁
Miguel Rosales JR
19:41 15 Jul 22
The staff has been great all the time I have visited can’t wait to get my braces off.
Bethany Cook
23:34 06 Jul 22
Dr. Howell & his team are great! It was a fun 2 year journey with everyone. The only problem that I've had since having my permanent retainer put in is my two front teeth have shifted slightly together but everything else has stayed in place perfectly fine. So overall great experience!
spice factor
21:10 30 Jun 22
Rebecca Jackson
22:41 09 Jun 22
Fantastic employees!
Marissa Olsen
20:55 09 Jun 22
This place is amazing! Everywhere I have gone I’ve been told I need jaw surgery and then I come here and 3 years later I have a perfect bite and perfect teeth with no surgery!! On top of that everyone here is so kind and fun and the environment is amazing! I will always recommend this place to anyone I meet!!
Chrystal Lee
15:09 07 Jun 22
From out of town and they got me in quickly. My back braces wire was bent and I wasn’t able to get it fixed. Got me in right away. Thank you guys!
Michelle Gray
22:07 31 May 22
Emma leidig
15:15 23 May 22
April Howard
22:44 20 May 22
Victor Thomas
20:09 16 May 22
Fast, organized, and friendly
Matt Moore
03:20 12 May 22
Very great orthodontics! They take very good care of all my kids with braces! Staff are amazing!
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Mountain View Office Reviews

Amy Smith
00:24 18 Jul 23
Wonderfully friendly staff, overall great experience.
NK Chen
22:41 10 May 22
Really nice people and doctor. Got my Invisalign right here!
Crystal Loveland
21:59 28 Sep 21
Dr.Howll and his staff are super friendly and very thorough in their examinations and explaining what needs done. My boy always enjoy his visits and seeing what the next contest. Thank you Dr. Howell and Staff!!
Mandy S
19:54 23 Sep 21
We love Dr. Howell and his amazing staff! They are very courteous of your time and so nice and gentle with my kids! Definitely recommend them!
Stacey Hill-Perez
15:17 12 Aug 21
Would recommend Howell Orthodontics again and again!!! We are currently with our FIFTH child in braces through them and we LOVE them! They are so fun and warm and help the kids with the anxiety of braces. They set the kids up for success! The hat pictures with Dr. Howell or caramel apple at the end are always a plus! And they are there for us with any and all problems that may arise. Best orthodontist in town!!!
Summer Woodard
15:52 03 Aug 21
They have the friendliest staff here! Everyone is so welcoming and they spent so much time with us during our consultation, answering every question we had. Dr. Howell is great with kids & everyone put my 9 year-old at ease when he was nervous for his appointment to get his braces on. It went so smoothly and it feels like everyone is cheering him on for this journey. Great experience!
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