You know that we provide braces in Meridian, Idaho, that shift your teeth into a straighter position and create a healthier bite. But do you know how they do this?

How Braces Work

Traditional braces consist of brackets that Dr. Jason Howell will bond to your teeth. Archwires connect these brackets and put pressure on them in order to move your teeth into the shape of the archwire. Our orthodontist may also use springs and rubber bands to help move teeth in a certain direction. Braces will loosen your teeth in order to shift their position. Afterwards, they hold them in place until your jaw bone grows more tissue to support them.

Duration of Treatment

The length of your straightening treatments can last from 1-3 years depending the growth of your mouth and the severity of your bite problems. Each individual is different, and the growth rate of their jaw will react differently to tooth movement. Other factors that affect treatment time include age and whether you use rubber bands and orthodontic appliances as prescribed.

Types of Treatment

We offer several different types of braces and appliances at Howell Orthodontics for several different types of straightening treatments. Because each patient has different needs, we will help you determine the best braces materials and types for your mouth. Call our office today if you would like to learn more.