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Keeping your teeth clean and in perfect health while wearing braces is never an easy task. It takes a bit more work than usual, but if you commit yourself to maintaining great oral health it’s something you can have.

There are a few tips that Dr. Jason Howell has to help you clean your teeth more effectively. These are tips that you should continue to follow even when you don’t have braces anymore.

Brush for the full two minutes twice a day

How often do you brush for the full two minutes twice daily? When you’re running late for work in the morning or too tired at night to brush, it’s easy to just brush for 30 seconds and call it good. If you really want to clean your teeth well, you’ll brush for the full two minutes twice a day.

Use the right kind of toothbrush

A good toothbrush can provide a deeper clean. Brushes with small, rounded heads and soft bristles are far more effective at removing plaque and other debris that build up in your mouth. The best kind of toothbrush to use is an electric one since it moves in a circular motion which is the best way to clean teeth.


Flossing removes the debris from between your teeth that can’t be reached by a toothbrush. It’s important to always floss once a day because brushing only cleans around 65% of a tooth’s surface. Flossing covers the other 35%. Mouthwash is also a great way to add more fluoride to your teeth, strengthening your enamel, killing more bacteria, and helping you have fresh breath for longer.

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